What is ScratchJR Application?

6 October 2021
What is ScratchJR Application?

Coding is expressed as the new literacy of the 21st century. So, in the not too distant future, everyone will need to know how to code.

So is it difficult to learn to code for young children?
Absolutely no. In fact, many studies show that children in this age group learn faster than adults.

So what are the benefits of coding for children of this age?
  • Provides analytical thinking skills.
  • It allows you to see the relationships between events or situations.
  • It helps them to think creatively.
  • Increases problem-solving ability.
  • It allows children to think systematically.
  • It helps to understand the working logic of the machines.
  • Kids' learning to code enables them to make a difference in their profession and their entire lives.

Scratch Junior application has been presented for children between the ages of 5-7. Scratch Junior was developed to learn coding by making interactive games and stories. Thus, while learning coding, it also contributes to emotional, cognitive, and social development.

With ScratchJR, children can connect blocks to move objects and interact with other objects. In fact, they can make the games they develop by placing their own photos on some objects even more cute.
It is the younger kids version of Scratch, the hugely popular software learning platform over 8 years old, originally developed by MIT.
With ScratchJr, children can create beautiful stories with dancing heroes or create beautiful games.

With the stories and games in CoddyKit, children will both have fun and learn. Sometimes we will chase fish while getting to know the north pole with a grumpy polar bear, and sometimes we will learn the concept of speed with a car racing game.
Or wouldn't it be okay if we dropped an apple from a tree and made a brief introduction to Newton's law of gravity?

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